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Is Hillcrest a declared termite area? Yes - partial
Local Council: Pyrenees Shire Council

Council requirements for termite protection: Hillcrest is partially in a declared termite area.
Some areas within Pyrenees Shire Council including Hillcrest might require termite protection. 

Please contact Pyrenees Shire Council for more detailed information.

Pyrenees Shire Council Contact Information:

Phone: 5349 1100
Fax: 5349 2068
Address: 5 Lawrence Street, BEAUFORT, VIC, 3373
[message_box title='' color='red' close='true']Termites are located within all Victorian councils and suburbs.
Tri4 Pest Control recommends installing a Physical Barrier when building new homes regardless of council requirements.
Chemical Termite Protection is also available for existing houses and buildings that don’t already have termite protection[/message_box]